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DIY Sustainable Lunch Kit

Yes, we’ll be talking about mason jars. But let’s start at the beginning. I’m not sure at this point that we can realistically hope to eradicate plastic from our homes, unless we have some intense societal shift – it’s in everything. It’s hard to buy toiletries without it, food is packaged in it (even paperboard boxes sometimes… Continue reading DIY Sustainable Lunch Kit


Growing Wellness

I am sick again. I’d barely gotten over the last bout, and here I am filling miserable moments later. So it’s got me thinking about which plants I’d like to grow in my garden in the spring that will allow me to expand my repertoire of home remedies, and become more self-sufficient with them. A few… Continue reading Growing Wellness


Learn for Free

I definitely don’t believe you need to go out and get an expensive degree from a fancy school in order to learn – so much learning happens just be living, and interacting with others on a daily basis. Or reading an engaging book, or watching a documentary. But sometimes having a structured class format can… Continue reading Learn for Free


Quick Chicken Broth

Last week my whole house was down for the count with the flu. It was brutal. But one thing that kept us going when we couldn’t stomach solid food was a nice, hot chicken broth. We usually like chicken soup while sick, but even that was too much to deal with during the worst of… Continue reading Quick Chicken Broth


Cold Weather Quick Tips

On Mondays I usually like to write about gardening topics, but I’m making an exception today since we’re in a second bout of sub-zero temps here in the Midwest, in the span of a week. It’s currently -3 here, with wind chill temps down below -20. -20!!! Staying warm in those kinds of temps can… Continue reading Cold Weather Quick Tips


Find Fresh Food

Years ago, it used to be the only way to find fresh food online – where the farmer’s markets and farmers were; things like that – was Local Harvest. And while they’re still going strong (though some, myself included, criticize them for not keeping their listings updated) they’re not the only game in town anymore.… Continue reading Find Fresh Food


The March of the Seed Catalogs

It’s currently -11 degrees outside right now, with the wind chill. Winter has finally arrived. Fortunately, I have a little spot of spring time here this evening – The Burgess and Jung I have no idea how I got on the mailing list for, but it almost seems like if you sign up for one… Continue reading The March of the Seed Catalogs