The March of the Seed Catalogs

It’s currently -11 degrees outside right now, with the wind chill. Winter has finally arrived. Fortunately, I have a little spot of spring time here this evening –


The Burgess and Jung I have no idea how I got on the mailing list for, but it almost seems like if you sign up for one seed catalog, you’ll get a whole bunch. Shumway’s I really like for  all of the vintage line drawings inside, so that’s always a fun one to page through. The “rare seeds” one is actually Baker Creek’s free version, which has so much variety it’s almost overwhelming (but in a good way, I suppose). And Pinetree is my favorite – I order from them every year. The selection, prices, quality and service are all fantastic. So even though it’s well below zero and snowing, spring isn’t too far off tonight.


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