The Art of Relaxing

It’s simple, really. Everyone once in a while you just unplug. Turn off the computer, set down the phone. Leave the television alone. Put on your favorite pajamas. Wash your face. Make a cup of hot decaf tea. Choose your favorite chair, or curl up in bed. Settle down with the stack of magazines you’ve… Continue reading The Art of Relaxing

Healthy Living

Elderberries to the Rescue!

The season of runny noses, sore throats and terrible coughs is upon us, and sometimes it feels like there’s no relief in sight. Over-the-counter drugs can often make you feel woozy and weird with their side effects, and they’re pricey! When I’m feeling under the weather, I like to turn to natural remedies when ever… Continue reading Elderberries to the Rescue!


Growing Indoor Winter Salads

After a ridiculously mild December – nearly sixty degrees for several days in Northern Illinois – winter finally seems to be here. And all I can think about are green salads. Frisee, butter lettuce, baby kale, tender herbs… and the world is covered with snow and ice. Definitely not salad season. Or is it? No,… Continue reading Growing Indoor Winter Salads


Setting Goals for 2016

There is something magical about the clock striking midnight on December 31st that adds a luster of possibility to life. No matter what we’ve got going on, we get an almost free pass to make a fresh start, and reset our lives to be what we really want them to be. It can be hard… Continue reading Setting Goals for 2016