Hello Polenta

I used to love – love, love love – couscous. It was the perfect side dish to so many things, especially when a break from potatoes or noodles was called for. That was the starchy side dish of goodness trifecta – potatoes, noodles and couscous. But all that has changed – it’s not you, it’s me, couscous. It’s over.… Continue reading Hello Polenta

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Sprouts vs. Microgreens – Which Will Win?

I’ve been on a quest to get more leafy greens and vegetables into our diet, but this is definitely a lean time of year if you’re trying to be mindful about eating locally as well. Fortunately, there are a couple of quick, affordable options – growing your own sprouts or microgreens. Problem is – which… Continue reading Sprouts vs. Microgreens – Which Will Win?


Springtime Seedlings

It’s the second day of spring and it’s 29 degrees. Go figure. But never mind – Midwestern folk know deep in their hearts that we’re not clear of it until Mother’s Day. If we’re lucky. And things are still toasty indoors, as evidenced by the pepper and tomatoes flourishing under grow lights – From the… Continue reading Springtime Seedlings


Has Spring Sprung?

And… now I’ve jinxed us all. Sorry about that. But I couldn’t resist wondering aloud, because Little Man and I actually got outside this weekend to do some outdoor gardening – no joke! We started some of our vegetable seeds – tomatoes, peppers and cabbage. Never mind that I said I was going to do… Continue reading Has Spring Sprung?


Hello Taco Salad

Sometimes, you just gotta have a taco… or a big bowl of taco salad. Ever since we went gluten free due to a celiac diagnose, tacos haven’t been the same. We preferred flour tortillas and didn’t really care for the crunchy corn taco shells. Enter the taco salad – crunchy corn chips are great in… Continue reading Hello Taco Salad