Has Spring Sprung?

And… now I’ve jinxed us all. Sorry about that. But I couldn’t resist wondering aloud, because Little Man and I actually got outside this weekend to do some outdoor gardening – no joke! We started some of our vegetable seeds – tomatoes, peppers and cabbage. Never mind that I said I was going to do that a month ago. On time is better than late!

We also got most the front planting beds where our perennial ornamental plants live cleared or last season’s leaves and dead plant material. We just never got around to it in the fall, and it served as a good mulch anyhow. We still have to do one last bed on the side of the house, as well as the bed by the crab apple tree and then the front is done. We had planned to do it Sunday but got rained out – it was down pouring nearly all day.

Now that we’ve got things nearly cleaned up, it’s time to assess what needs to be done. Definitely we need to get some proper wood mulch down in at least the beds in the front yard so things are looking tidy and respectable. I’m not sure if we’ll do the back yard this year – wood mulch is expensive! And the backyard beds get a pretty good cover of vegetation once everything greens up, so you can’t really see the ground anyway.

The other thing we need to do is relocate the blueberry bushes. I’m pretty sure the persimmon trees didn’t make it through the winter, so I think they will go into that spot in the “orchard” out back. The wood pile needs to get tidied up and I need to transplant out some day lilies next to it so I can get some raspberry canes in there. I want to be able to eat fresh raspberries! I’m going to buy the canes locally this year at our farmer’s market too, so I’m excited to be able to get some high quality ones. I’m still really on the fence about getting strawberries. We have a small tree in the backyard we need to take down and if we can do that successfully and get the roots grubbed out, they could maybe live there. All depends on how the tree situation works out.

As for the vegetable beds, I need some more soil to top them up, so if the weather is good on Friday that’s the plan for those. I need probably 20 bags to go around, so that will be my workout for the weekend. The apple trees are already in bud and the first few leaves are looking close to ready to burst forth, so I’m hoping we don’t get a late frost this year. These are small trees coming into their second year, so I’m optimistically hoping we could get a few apples, though I know I shouldn’t hope for a real harvest until next year at least.

And then of course there are tons of optimistic projects I’d love to do this year – build a proper wood shed, a small walk in greenhouse, cold frames so I extend my harvest into the fall… but I should probably take a deep breath and just do one thing at a time. After all, the whole spring and summer stretches before us, and that is a thought that makes my heart happy indeed.