Springtime Seedlings

It’s the second day of spring and it’s 29 degrees. Go figure. But never mind – Midwestern folk know deep in their hearts that we’re not clear of it until Mother’s Day. If we’re lucky. And things are still toasty indoors, as evidenced by the pepper and tomatoes flourishing under grow lights –


From the far left – the first six pots are Gonzales cabbage, then King of the North Pepper, jalapeno, a cherry tomato (it’s too early at the moment to recall the name), and Rutgers tomatoes. Though it’s hard to see, the cabbages and tomatoes are all sprouted and doing well, but the peppers not so much. There’s one lonely King of the three planted, and not a single jalapeno yet. In fairness, I did use 2015 seed for both of those, so it’s probably sensible to reseed with this year’s stuff. I just hate for seeds to go waste.

In the little plastic greenhouse in front is my son’s lucky four leaf clover (which he got for St. Patrick’s Day) and that has got a few cute little sprouts. And the thing in the bowl is a cut end of celery – we’re attempting to regrow it from the supermarket and it’s proving to be an exercise in patience – it’s slower than molasses.

This year I’ve sprinkled all of the seedlings with a bit of cinnamon and added a fan to hopefully prevent damping off disease, which I always struggle with. This week it’ll be time to start some kale and reseed the peppers, so hopefully I can crowd a few more things under the light.

So, lot’s more to do and apparently still some cold weather to contend with, but it’s definitely good to get my hands in the dirt again.