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Sprouts vs. Microgreens – Which Will Win?

I’ve been on a quest to get more leafy greens and vegetables into our diet, but this is definitely a lean time of year if you’re trying to be mindful about eating locally as well. Fortunately, there are a couple of quick, affordable options – growing your own sprouts or microgreens. Problem is – which is “better”? Or at least, which will work better for us? I’m just starting to research both sprouts and microgreens, and I think I’m leaning toward microgreens because they’re more of a salad-type ingredient, which is what I’m really after. They’re also a little lower maintenance than sprouts, what with needing to constantly rinse them and make sure they don’t rot or mold. While I’m researching and figuring out what to do, I thought I’d share some resources on the topic in case anyone had similar questions. And I’ll certainly let you know where I land, with how my own growing efforts go!

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