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All Natural Bug Spray

After a relatively mild winter, the bugs are out in full force. Now bugs are par for the course when gardening, but being eaten alive my mosquitoes and no-see-ums while trying to enjoy being outside is no fun. With mosquitoes being carriers for diseases such as West Nile Virus and Zika, it can also be… Continue reading All Natural Bug Spray


Spicy Pork & Rice Bowls

I love one pot dinners. And rice bowls are a great meal that’s filling and quick to get on the table without a lot of fuss. I had a recipe from My Recipes pinned on my Pinterest board for the longest time for Soy-Braied Pork & Rice, and I finally got around to making it… Continue reading Spicy Pork & Rice Bowls

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Chores & More Chores

I realized too late that I forgot to write anything and publish posts on both Thursday¬†and¬†Saturday of last week. But so it goes in the springtime – scurrying from one homestead task to another and never enough time to sit still. We finally got the veg plants into the raised beds, so that’s done. As… Continue reading Chores & More Chores


The DIY Mini Orchard

When you’re first setting up your homestead – even if that’s just gardening on a tiny patio big enough for a couple of big pots – one of the first considerations you need to have is for deciduous fruit and nut trees. Depending on how large you grow them, they can take anywhere from three… Continue reading The DIY Mini Orchard


A Garden Update & The First Farmer’s Market!

Sickness has descended like a plague on our house. All last week I had the worst cold and sinus infection ever, and I’m still not back to well. I’m fairly certain that it’s settled comfortably into my chest as a bought of bronchitis, which I’ve had enough times this winter alone to feel confident self-diagnosing.… Continue reading A Garden Update & The First Farmer’s Market!