A Garden Update & The First Farmer’s Market!

Sickness has descended like a plague on our house. All last week I had the worst cold and sinus infection ever, and I’m still not back to well. I’m fairly certain that it’s settled comfortably into my chest as a bought of bronchitis, which I’ve had enough times this winter alone to feel confident self-diagnosing. And now Little Man has predictably caught the bug, so we’re down for the count on Mother’s Day weekend.

At any rate, I rallied for a bit to go out to the very first outdoor farmer’s market of the season, and of course I didn’t come home empty handed –


I picked up honey, apple cider, crimini mushrooms (wasn’t lucky enough to find morels, but these will do), two bunches of green onions, fresh chives and a bag of kale. And not pictured are the plants – 8 violas (in 2 4-packs), a jalapeno, chives and a new thyme plant that I got from W&M Land Corp.

And because plants can’t wait, I did pot them up even though laying on the couch and being sick was really calling to me –


The love the way the violas turned out. That’s a hanging basket I recycled from the Christmas season – it had evergreens, pine cones and berries in it when I bought it.


I had to do a little doctoring on the thyme. The sad, craggly little specimen is the one I overwintered, that originally was in the blue pot. I actually severely pruned it and potted it down with the hopes that I can get it to rebound. It was really woody and not coming out of it’s near-death dormancy well, so we’ll see if this helps it. And if it doesn’t… then the new thyme I got at the farmer’s market has taken pride of place in the blue pot. I love my thyme; I require back ups! W&M Land Corp also had a lovely lemon thyme which I wanted, but I had to restrain myself knowing I don’t have enough empty pots. I have three huge plastic ones and a strawberry pot, but no more of the medium sized terra cotta ones that are so perfect for my windowsill herb garden. I must remedy that soon!


Here’s the chive potted up – I hope I can get it to go nuts and fill the planter up; I never seem to be able to get more than a few spikes at a time and that’s it.


And here’s a check in on the seedlings I started. The peppers and half the tomatoes aren’t doing much still, so I suspect I’ll be buying more plants at the farmer’s market next weekend. My laziness in February is catching up with me now, as I knew it would. But twist my arm to get me to buy more plants…


And happily – we’ve got a little pea pod already on our Tom Thumb peas – very exciting!

In other news, we’ve still got to top of the raised beds with potting soil (this week for sure; it’s time to plant out!), mulch the flower beds and figure out what to do with the blueberry bushes. And at the market today River Valley Ranch was selling crimini mushroom kits for just $25 so I think I’m going to pick up one of those next weekend and try my hand at mushroom growing.

We’ve also been seeing lots of birds around the house – cardinals, bluebirds, a woodpecker, starlings and finches. And we don’t even have a feeder or bath out for them. I’m considering doing a feeder because I bet we could attract more (which seems like a good idea until I try to grow fruit this season). So, the growing season is well upon us and I couldn’t be happier – even if we are all sick.