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Chores & More Chores

I realized too late that I forgot to write anything and publish posts on both Thursday and Saturday of last week. But so it goes in the springtime – scurrying from one homestead task to another and never enough time to sit still. We finally got the veg plants into the raised beds, so that’s done. As usual, this year I’m supplementing with plants grown by W&M Landcorp since despite knowing better, I always start my plants far too late. I like to think of it as built in succession planning, rather than laziness.

We also finally got a bark mulch into the ornamental beds at the front of the house. We elected to haul home six car trunk loads from the town’s free supply of wood chips, and don’t regret it one bit, even though it’s a bit rougher than a commercial mix. First of all, it’s completely free. Secondly, it’s better for the environment – think of all the trees that get felled and end up as commercial bagged mulch for no other reason! So the mulch job is mostly done and now the weeding and watering will be easier going. We still have to do the two back ornamental beds, then it’s all done for the season.

And of course, there’s keeping up with the grass mowing, small repair jobs, and general  home keeping. Now that the farmer’s market is in full swing the preservation game is beginning – so far I’ve dehydrated a pound of crimini mushrooms, with a half pound of shitake to dry in the next day or so. Rhubarb is the fruit of the week – I think I’ll make a few small jars of jam with that. And strawberries will come in any day, so jam and dried berries are also on the docket as soon as they appear. So we’re certainly keeping busy.