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Planning for the County Fair

Oy, missed a few posts this week! Summer is hard on blogging. At any rate, I wanted to give a quick update on my plans for the county fair, since I started dreaming about it┬áback in February. When our fair premium book came out last month, I was excited to find a couple of new… Continue reading Planning for the County Fair

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Hello Himalayan Salt

Thought you knew everything you needed to know about salt? There’s iodized salt in the canisters and sea salt, what else is there to know, right? I used to feel the same. Thought salt is salt is salt. Like with most other things though, there are actually different types of salt, with different compositions, properties,… Continue reading Hello Himalayan Salt


Choosing a Rain Barrel

We’ve been in this house for about a year and a half now. In the first year, we installed raised beds for vegetable gardening, built a compost bin and planted fruit and nut trees. The next major outdoor project on the docket is water conservation. We’d like to get a couple of rain barrels installed… Continue reading Choosing a Rain Barrel


DIY Rose Bath Oil

I love the scent of roses. It’s so relaxing and peaceful, making it the perfect scent to use in a simple bath oil. Bath oils are luxurious – they leave your skin feeling silky smooth, and the gentle scent of flowers really does help the stress melt away. Rose absolutes are very expensive – good… Continue reading DIY Rose Bath Oil