DIY Rose Bath Oil

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I love the scent of roses. It’s so relaxing and peaceful, making it the perfect scent to use in a simple bath oil. Bath oils are luxurious – they leave your skin feeling silky smooth, and the gentle scent of flowers really does help the stress melt away.

Rose absolutes are very expensive – good quality ones will cost around $40 for a quarter of an ounce. For a bath where scent and relaxation are the objectives, a quality rose water stands in quite nicely, and for a fraction of the price. Nielsen Massey makes a very good quality rose water (and I thought they only did vanilla!) and provided a bottle to me to try. I’m happy to report that I got great results, and it couldn’t be easier. Just add two teaspoons of almond oil, two teaspoons of jojoba oil and two teaspoons of rose water to a warm bath. Soak for twenty minutes with a book or some great music and your beverage of choice. After that, you’ll feel much more calm and relaxed!