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Hello Himalayan Salt

himalayan salt

Thought you knew everything you needed to know about salt? There’s iodized salt in the canisters and sea salt, what else is there to know, right? I used to feel the same. Thought salt is salt is salt. Like with most other things though, there are actually different types of salt, with different compositions, properties, uses and flavors. And with most other products on the shelves these days, not all salt is just salt anymore – the cheapest options can actually contain non-salt fillers and anti-caking agents.

If you’re head is spinning just thinking about the fact that now salt is to complicated for the average person to understand, fear not. It’s really not – you just  have to know what you’re looking at. And it’s actually really exciting – when I started learning about different types of salt, I was blown away by the amazing flavors. White iodized table salt is actually quite bland and one-dimensional when compared to some of the mineral-rich salts available on the market.

Himalayan pink salt is my new favorite. This is the stuff that opened my eyes up to what salt could be, and with good reason. It’s fairly commonplace now – I found it at Meijer at a reasonable price, and most other larger grocery stores will carry it, in addition to many of the local stores. So what’s so great about it? First, the flavor. It’s richer and more full-bodied – kind of hard to describe different nuances of saltiness, but that’s probably the best way to put it. Eating whole salt like this provides more minerals into the body, and aids in hydration as well. In addition to buying granulated Himalayan salt to sprinkle on your food, you can also find salt planks that are great for the grill this time of year – just place a salt plank on a heated grill, top with your protein or veg of choice and grill as normal. The planks can be reused numerous times.

In addition to being delicious on food, Himalayan salt also makes an excellent bath soak – adding a cup or two of it to a warm bath, along with a splash of rose water or a few drops of lavender essential oil makes an excellent sore muscle soak. Though honestly, I love the flavor of it so much I usually horde it to use in the kitchen. No matter how you try it though, Himalayan sea salt should definitely be a part of your pantry.