DIY Baking Pan Planter

I love it when I can find multiple uses for a single item – it gives so much flexibility to the items we chose to keep in our homes. I also love herbs – I usually buy a few new plants every weekend at the farmer’s market when they’re available. I just can’t help it! Since this usually means I don’t have enough proper pots to plant everything in, I inevitably start searching the house for something usual. With a sizable collection of milk glass, I don’t usually have to search far, but I do like a little variety as well.

On vacation last week, I happened upon the perfect vessel for herbs plants when I was in an antique store in Wisconsin – a commercial bakery mini loaf pan. Commercial pans have a great sculptural look to them, as they’re several pans connected together with metal bars. Here’s mine planted with herbs –

pan planter

There’s a single oregano on either end, and in the two center pans I planted two plants a piece – sage and thyme in the left one and lemongrass and sage in the right one. I just put a little pea gravel in the bottom of each pan for drainage, planted the herbs and topped up with potting soil. Couldn’t have been easier! And the mini loaf pan size means it will fit perfectly in the sunny window in the kitchen, making it simple to harvest herbs for meals when ever we want.