Oldways – The Art & Craft of the Blacksmith

Ever since I was a kid, I have loved craft. Any kind really – crocheting, knitting, sewing, candlemaking, all manner of food craft – but the completely intriguing crafts are the magical ones. The alchemical crafts that turn a raw, brutish element into something with a functional beauty… those are the crafts of gods. How… Continue reading Oldways – The Art & Craft of the Blacksmith


No Faux Tomatoes!

Since having to give up nightshades, there are two dishes I miss more than anything, which took me years and years to perfect in the earliest years of keeping my own home – bolognese and bacon and whiskey chili. The backbone to each of these recipes is, of course, the tomato. I miss them greatly,… Continue reading No Faux Tomatoes!

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Getting Kinetic

I made good on my word this weekend – I got off the screens. And I stayed off them for amazing chunks of time. I wasn’t entirely unplugged, but I did better. And ultimately, I felt better, which is what I was after in the first place. I purged a trunk load of stuff from the house… Continue reading Getting Kinetic

Healthy Living · Miscellaneous

Technological Overload?

My anxiety has been through the roof lately. Some of my people say this is because of everything I have on my plate – full time job, full time school, running a business, parenting, managing family life… and the list goes on and on and on. But I feel like that’s not it. I’ve always… Continue reading Technological Overload?


Cabin Fever & The Spring Garden

It happens every year in late February – early March. Cabin fever sets in. This winter has felt especially grey. I find myself daydreaming of spring breezes, and getting my hands in the dirt.  When I work my day job from my home office, I have a view of our back garden, including the main… Continue reading Cabin Fever & The Spring Garden



I’ll be massively surprised if anyone actually reads this, but I’ve missed the regular journaling that blogging provides. I’ve tried writing things down in notebooks or in private word processing documents, but none of it sticks. Blogging is the longest-living writing I’ve done, and I’m also coming off the longest stretch of my adult life… Continue reading Hello…