I’ll be massively surprised if anyone actually reads this, but I’ve missed the regular journaling that blogging provides. I’ve tried writing things down in notebooks or in private word processing documents, but none of it sticks. Blogging is the longest-living writing I’ve done, and I’m also coming off the longest stretch of my adult life having not done it. So… hello.

I’m not going to promise a certain amount of posts per week, or flashy Pinterest-worthy posts drowning in an avalanche of sexy images. But I’ll share things I think are interesting, and hopefully have some good conversations and make some nice connections with like minded-folks.

It probably makes sense to reorient where I am. I am still homesteading in the Little House in an Old Town with my family. Still a full-time cog in the wheel in corporate America, still pursuing my passion by teaching home food preservation AND I am now working on getting a second college degree so I can become a Family & Consumer Science teacher.

With food, we’re coming from the perspective of a food allergy household – across different members of my immediate family, we deal with celiac disease, lactose-intolerance, and sensitivities to eggs, legumes, and nightshades – oh my! So recipes and food tidbits I share will come from that worldview.

Predominately, I want to share food, homesteading, books, gardening, and crafting in this space, as that is where my personal interests tend to land. I’m a big advocate for local, human-scaled, slow lifestyles. Building family and community resilience are issues that are close to my heart. I think that’s all for now, so welcome along for the ride.