Happy Little Ribbons

Sigh, a month with no posts. I’ve been exceedingly busy this summer since I took a summer term for school. I had three classes that really kept me hopping – and they’re not even quite over yet. I have two days left to get my final assignments in (a couple of lesson plans) and then I’ve got a glorious month break before fall term starts.

This summer has been tough with the weather – it’s either been rainy and wet, or oppressively hot and plagued by mosquitoes, so we haven’t been outside as much as we’d like, which is a waste. But we did make sure we got our fair entries all done, and it paid off! We had a lot of fun putting everything together, watching the judging on a lot of it, and of course, seeing how we placed!

My first place ribbons –


Blueberry jam, above.


Roasted Tomato & Lime Salsa, above.

pumpkin bread

Gluten-free pumpkin bread, above.

molasses cookies

Gluten-free gingerbread cookies, above.

My second place ribbons –


Dill pickles, above.


canning jar

Brockway Clear-vu canning jar, above.

My pickled carrots with coriander got 4th place –


And my milk glass kettle got 5th –


I forgot to photograph my other two winners – my vintage Ball Blue Book placed 3rd, and I can’t remember what my Blue Willow platter placed at; maybe 4th? My vintage gardening book didn’t place at all.

My son and I also entered a couple of Lego items in the Mommy & Me class, and both placed first –