Breathing Space

Today, my last homework assignments of the semester were graded, and it looks like I’m closing out spring term with two A’s and B, so I’m pleased enough with that. And now… a breathing space where school is concerned. I was originally planning to take three classes over summer, but this week I realized just how tired I’ve been. I’ve been going straight through taking classes every available term for two years now, and I need a break. It shouldn’t set me back any since I’ve got another two years to go, so if I can’t get these classes during the regular school year this fall, I’ll just take them next summer instead. But for now… I feel a lifted weight; open space around me. I can take a moment, mid-year, for the balance that I wanted to be the foundation of this year. I can do some things for fun. I’m going to read lots of books (preferably outside), but there have also been a few things I’ve back-burnered that I want to get to so I put together a mini bucket list of sorts, so I can keep track of them. I only let myself pick eight – I don’t want to mess myself up but making myself some sort of absurd to-do list that will just end up stressing me out in the end. I just want a little inspiration for myself as I embark upon this comparative free time (despite still having to do the 9-5). So, these are my hopes and wants for the next four months –

  • Berry picking.
  • Camping.
  • Visit the zoo.
  • Refinish the bedside table and vanity.
  • Learn to cook with a Dutch oven over a fire.
  • Perfect homemade gluten-free sandwich bread.
  • Kayak or canoe trip.
  • Sew myself a few shirts.

I’m pretty excited. But first, I’ve got a stack of books with my name on it!