Have had a lovely Mother’s Day weekend – yesterday I got some alone time to relax while the menfolk ran errands (super secret Mother’s Day surprise errands) and lounged about reading books, working on 4-H Cloverbud activity planning, and putzing around on Pinterest. After they got home and presented me with a flat of garden plants (my favorite Mother’s Day gift), we finally got to see Avengers: Endgame in the theater. Then home for a late dinner and early-ish to bed. Today we lounged. The weather was cool and rainy, so we cozied up to indoor pursuits. I got breakfast in bed and we all relaxed together companionably. As we lounged and chatted, I pulled out my sewing patterns and mending kit. I culled out all the patterns with sizes that no longer fit me (I bought some of them ages ago in my twenties) and set those aside for my future classroom. Then I reprinted a couple of the ones I culled that owned in a digital format, updating the instructions to booklet format (genius!) and printing the pattern pieces in the correct size.

And then I got down to the business of mending. Some find mending boring and mundane, and the vast majority of people these days avoid it entirely – they buy ready-to-wear clothes with a respectable enough fit, and simple toss them when they starts to wear. But I love mending, as in addition to it’s utility in stretching the life of a loved garment, it’s a methodically soothing, highly relevant task. It’s tactile and gratifying. And when lounging in a comfortable spot and chatting with loved ones, is a lovey way to spend an afternoon. After sewing a button on a pair of pants, I decided to pick out a handmade skirt I made a few years ago that sadly doesn’t fit anymore, and wasn’t constructed with deep enough seam allowances to be let out (perhaps a lesson for future projects). It’s a lovely vintage-style fabric – pink roses on a cream background – so I’d hate to part with it. Best case scenario I’ve got just enough fabric from the two panels that I can make a sleeveless top from it, and failing that maybe I can get enough to make a scarf or a couple of zippered bags. But I’m hoping for a top. Aside from the pants and skirt, I still have a cardigan that has a hole in the armpit, so maybe I’ll get to that before the day is out. It’s started to rain, I’ve got a cup of tea, and though the husband had to go to work, the kiddo and I are watching Nova episodes while we lounge, so chances are good that all the mending gets done today.