Focused Journaling

I keep failing at offline journaling. I keep trying to jot things down to make a record of my life, as a good family historian, but most of time I forget. Or if I remember I don’t feel like I have anything worth recording. It’s a conundrum. So I started thinking that maybe if I just picked a specific topic to write about I’d have the focus and motivation to do it regularly. Fortunately I’m apparently not the only person with this “problem”, and there are lines of topic-specific journals available on the market that makes it easy to just pick one and go. One of my favorite book publishers, Fox Chapel, makes a line of focused journals covering travel, woodworking, gardening, quilting, writing, fishing, and many more. Gardening struck a particular chord with me as I garden every season, so I was pleased to get a review copy of My Gardening Journal.

It’s a four year journal where you can track all aspects of your garden – goals, soil conditions, weather patterns, pest/diseases and even plant histories. In the beginning of the book, there are also spaces to chart out the sun exposure, compost bin records and grid pages so you can document your garden layout. There are some helpful charts and lists too – hardiness zones, a tools checklist and companion planting recommendations. A particularly neat feature is the create-your-own-index pages, so you can easily identify where specific information is logged based on where you write it in – making actually using the data you compile super easy. Gardening is dynamic, and even if you grow the same plants every year, each season is different. By maintaining a garden journal, you get the benefit and enjoyment of documenting your efforts , but also use the information you observe to improve things by identifying trends and patterns, which can help support whether things are working or not, and if you’d like to mix things up. It’s a great little book, and I’m excited to dive into documenting this year’s garden – a notable trend that will be apparent for my area is what a wet spring it’s been!

*Review book provided free by the publisher, but all opinions are my own. I only share what I think you’ll like!