The Plague of Fake Monsoon Season

For weeks and weeks on end, it’s rained nearly every day. We’ll have a few hours of sun, a few hours of rain, and if we’re lucky, a few hours of sun again. Or at least overcast and reasonably warm. Mother Nature likes to mix things up a bit and switch around the order, but the rain comes without fail on most days. In northern Illinois, it’s on odd thing to experience what feels like a perpetual monsoon season. We’ve taken to being more spontaneous to accommodate when the sun arrives – we’ll drop everything we’re doing and head outdoors as soon as things dry off reasonably, so we can soak up the sun and fresh air before the next round of rain forces us back indoors. On the one hand, that’s exciting and fun, but on the other, it makes it a bit hard to keep to a routine and stay on top of things. And it’s a weird mental shift I don’t like making – there are days when I want to be outside the whole day long, and then there are the rainy days when I want to hibernate with indoor pursuits. This constant mix up feels too manic and chaotic to me. So here’s to hoping the weather patterns even out a bit as we move into summer.