Nearly Sweater Weather

And just like that, it’s fall. The kiddo started school this week, and suddenly the weather has downshifted. We’re pulling on jeans and socks in the morning instead of shorts and sandals. And today I even sent the kiddo to the bus stop in a hoodie, because it was a touch on the cool side.… Continue reading Nearly Sweater Weather

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End of Summer Reading

Yes, it seems it’s that time of year again… the end of summer. Our school district starts annoyingly early (next week!) and I’m back to school myself for the college slog right after Labor Day, so the twilight of the season is upon us. I hope we have a nice couple of months ahead of… Continue reading End of Summer Reading

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The Language of Flowers

I have a great appreciation for the oldways of life, and one quite romantic and meaningful element of times gone by was their use of flowers as a way of communicating feelings and sentiment. Like the nearly-lost art of letter writing, gifting someone a bouquet of flowers is a tangible, personalized interaction, which in an… Continue reading The Language of Flowers