Nearly Sweater Weather

And just like that, it’s fall. The kiddo started school this week, and suddenly the weather has downshifted. We’re pulling on jeans and socks in the morning instead of shorts and sandals. And today I even sent the kiddo to the bus stop in a hoodie, because it was a touch on the cool side. I feel like I’ve been lamenting the end of summer for weeks, but here we are. The day lilies are all but done in the garden, and the echinacea is starting to fade. We never did get a respectable crop of raspberries this year either. It just went by in such a blur this year. But I’m not one to stay down for long. Fall is my favorite season – the sweaters, apple cider, pumpkin bread, crunchy leaves, and cool air first thing in the morning are all things that I love. My one wish is that we could truly slow down and be more in tune with the natural order of the seasons, but that’s certainly a theme I wrestle with generally. Until I figure it out, I guess I’ll just have to content myself with enjoying the pre-work quiet of a mid-August morning instead.