No Faux Tomatoes!

Since having to give up nightshades, there are two dishes I miss more than anything, which took me years and years to perfect in the earliest years of keeping my own home – bolognese and bacon and whiskey chili. The backbone to each of these recipes is, of course, the tomato. I miss them greatly,… Continue reading No Faux Tomatoes!


Spicy Pork & Rice Bowls

I love one pot dinners. And rice bowls are a great meal that’s filling and quick to get on the table without a lot of fuss. I had a recipe from My Recipes pinned on my Pinterest board for the longest time for Soy-Braied Pork & Rice, and I finally got around to making it… Continue reading Spicy Pork & Rice Bowls

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Chores & More Chores

I realized too late that I forgot to write anything and publish posts on both Thursday¬†and¬†Saturday of last week. But so it goes in the springtime – scurrying from one homestead task to another and never enough time to sit still. We finally got the veg plants into the raised beds, so that’s done. As… Continue reading Chores & More Chores


DIY Ginger Paste

Confession time… I have one of those tubes of pureed ginger in my fridge. I definitely advocate home made when ever possible, and acknowledge that sometimes that just takes a little more forethought and preparation than is available. As a working mom, convenience is also a pretty big factor in cooking and home keeping, and… Continue reading DIY Ginger Paste


Springtime Preserving

There is a misconception that food preservation really only happens at the height of summer. While that’s certainly when the bulk of it’s done, you can put up food any time of year, and still do so seasonally. I wanted to share a roundup of some of my favorite spring time preservation recipes that anyone… Continue reading Springtime Preserving