Springtime Preserving

There is a misconception that food preservation really only happens at the height of summer. While that’s certainly when the bulk of it’s done, you can put up food any time of year, and still do so seasonally. I wanted to share a roundup of some of my favorite spring time preservation recipes that anyone… Continue reading Springtime Preserving


Sun Tea Season

First off, a little housekeeping – I try to publish three times per week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but that schedule is a bit tricky. So I’m going to change things up and plan to publish Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday instead. I always have great intentions for writing ahead and scheduling things to post,… Continue reading Sun Tea Season


Salmon & Edamame Salad

After a winter of everything but fresh greens, all I’m craving is fresh greens. I’m also trying to get more seafood into my diet, and salmon is a go-to favorite. Usually I eat salmon baked with spicy honey mustard glaze, which is excellent, but doesn’t do much on the fresh greens front. And then I… Continue reading Salmon & Edamame Salad

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Sprouts vs. Microgreens – Which Will Win?

I’ve been on a quest to get more leafy greens and vegetables into our diet, but this is definitely a lean time of year if you’re trying to be mindful about eating locally as well. Fortunately, there are a couple of quick, affordable options – growing your own sprouts or microgreens. Problem is – which… Continue reading Sprouts vs. Microgreens – Which Will Win?


Hello Taco Salad

Sometimes, you just gotta have a taco… or a big bowl of taco salad. Ever since we went gluten free due to a celiac diagnose, tacos haven’t been the same. We preferred flour tortillas and didn’t really care for the crunchy corn taco shells. Enter the taco salad – crunchy corn chips are great in… Continue reading Hello Taco Salad


Chipotle-Glazed Meatloaf

Meatloaf is one of our all time favorite dinners, especially during the colder months. It’s hearty and filling and it’s absolutely delicious. There are generally two camps when it comes to meatloaf – gravy people and ketchup people. We are definitely ketchup people, and we like to make a spicy glaze that gets baked onto… Continue reading Chipotle-Glazed Meatloaf


Making the Most of Broccoli

I¬†love¬†broccoli. It’s one of my favorite vegetables to eat. Steamed with a little butter (okay, Earth Balance at our house, but still) and salt it’s incredible. Simple, delicious, and good for you – what’s not to like? While the florets are the jewel in the crown of broccoli, the stalks are also edible. Did you… Continue reading Making the Most of Broccoli