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Overdue Books

I got quite a few review books last fall that I had the intention of reviewing right then and there, but then I got hit by the freight train of life and they languished on the shelf for quite a long time. But now that I’ve got a breather in between school terms, it’s the… Continue reading Overdue Books

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Planning for the County Fair

Oy, missed a few posts this week! Summer is hard on blogging. At any rate, I wanted to give a quick update on my plans for the county fair, since I started dreaming about it┬áback in February. When our fair premium book came out last month, I was excited to find a couple of new… Continue reading Planning for the County Fair

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Foraging Field Guides

I’ve been reinvigorating my interest in foraging again, now that we have a little slice of land of our own and are closer than we’ve ever been to the great outdoors. Last week I was excited to take a foraging and edible landscaping class out our community college with local native plant expert Caron Wenzel,… Continue reading Foraging Field Guides

Food Preservation

Help Me Spread the Word?

So I don’t believe it’s any secret I’m trying to get food preservation classes off the ground. I want to share my passion for food preservation and sustainable living with my community. Because I’m working with food, it’s important to me to actually incorporate my business, but wowza – getting that little bit of paperwork… Continue reading Help Me Spread the Word?