The DIY Mini Orchard

When you’re first setting up your homestead – even if that’s just gardening on a tiny patio big enough for a couple of big pots – one of the first considerations you need to have is for deciduous fruit and nut trees. Depending on how large you grow them, they can take anywhere from three… Continue reading The DIY Mini Orchard


A Garden Update & The First Farmer’s Market!

Sickness has descended like a plague on our house. All last week I had the worst cold and sinus infection ever, and I’m still not back to well. I’m fairly certain that it’s settled comfortably into my chest as a bought of bronchitis, which I’ve had enough times this winter alone to feel confident self-diagnosing.… Continue reading A Garden Update & The First Farmer’s Market!


What in the World Is Permaculture?

I wrote a little bit about permacultureĀ earlier this week in reviewing our fencing plans for the property, so for those of who (like me) are quite new to this concept, I thought I would share a few resources that I’ve been finding excellent aids to my learning. David Holmgren, one of the founders of permaculture,… Continue reading What in the World Is Permaculture?


The Great Fence Dilemma

We love our little cottage in town, and it’s great to live in a small rural community. But, as with all places, it’s not perfect and it has a few key opportunities for improvement. Unfortunately those opportunities usually come with a hefty price tag, so finding a creative solution can sometimes be daunting. Fencing and… Continue reading The Great Fence Dilemma

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Foraging Field Guides

I’ve been reinvigorating my interest in foraging again, now that we have a little slice of land of our own and are closer than we’ve ever been to the great outdoors. Last week I was excited to take a foraging and edible landscaping class out our community college with local native plant expert Caron Wenzel,… Continue reading Foraging Field Guides