Nearly Sweater Weather

And just like that, it’s fall. The kiddo started school this week, and suddenly the weather has downshifted. We’re pulling on jeans and socks in the morning instead of shorts and sandals. And today I even sent the kiddo to the bus stop in a hoodie, because it was a touch on the cool side.… Continue reading Nearly Sweater Weather


Big Ambitions

I’ve done few of the things I set out to do at the beginning of summer, and I already feel like it’s more than half over. Haven’t refinished any furniture, kayaked or done any Dutch oven cooking. We have gotten in one camping trip, and I bought a cast iron pie iron… And we went… Continue reading Big Ambitions


Road Tripping Like a Grown Up

My son is at the age where he asks about things like how my husband and I got married and the things we used to do before he was born. I love that he’s interested and intrigued by our past, and we’re always excited to share the stories behind the photographs that adorn the walls… Continue reading Road Tripping Like a Grown Up


Breathing Space

Today, my last homework assignments of the semester were graded, and it looks like I’m closing out spring term with two A’s and B, so I’m pleased enough with that. And now… a breathing space where school is concerned. I was originally planning to take three classes over summer, but this week I realized just… Continue reading Breathing Space


Rip Tides

One of my favorite proverbs is “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”, because that’s so how often how I feel about things these days. As a perfectionist, the list is always miles long, and the days are always hours short. There are things I want to create – sewing, photo albums, writing,… Continue reading Rip Tides


Turning Fear Into Security

A lot of women read romance novels, but not me – my two favorite types of fiction are historical novels (where real or realistic people and events from history are dramatized) and, wait for it – the so-called “apocalypse”/prepper fiction genre. These are the novels that dramatize a world in which our current society essentially… Continue reading Turning Fear Into Security

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Overdue Books

I got quite a few review books last fall that I had the intention of reviewing right then and there, but then I got hit by the freight train of life and they languished on the shelf for quite a long time. But now that I’ve got a breather in between school terms, it’s the… Continue reading Overdue Books