Breathing Space

Today, my last homework assignments of the semester were graded, and it looks like I’m closing out spring term with two A’s and B, so I’m pleased enough with that. And now… a breathing space where school is concerned. I was originally planning to take three classes over summer, but this week I realized just… Continue reading Breathing Space


Rip Tides

One of my favorite proverbs is “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”, because that’s so how often how I feel about things these days. As a perfectionist, the list is always miles long, and the days are always hours short. There are things I want to create – sewing, photo albums, writing,… Continue reading Rip Tides


Turning Fear Into Security

A lot of women read romance novels, but not me – my two favorite types of fiction are historical novels (where real or realistic people and events from history are dramatized) and, wait for it – the so-called “apocalypse”/prepper fiction genre. These are the novels that dramatize a world in which our current society essentially… Continue reading Turning Fear Into Security

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Overdue Books

I got quite a few review books last fall that I had the intention of reviewing right then and there, but then I got hit by the freight train of life and they languished on the shelf for quite a long time. But now that I’ve got a breather in between school terms, it’s the… Continue reading Overdue Books


The Long Winter & Finding Balance

Time flies… maybe not necessarily when you’re having fun, but when you’ve got your head down in survival mode. The last five months have been hard graft, but I got through it. I took my highest credit load for school yet, all why still trying to work a full time wage job, be an active… Continue reading The Long Winter & Finding Balance


Searching for the Ancestors of ‘Farm House Vintage’

All over internet-land, “farm house vintage” is a hot commodity, predominately of the Joanna Gaines Fixer Upper style imprint. So much so, that emulating the designs on the show has become big business, and the lodestar of home decorators the world over. To be clear, I don’t have any beef with the (presumably) very nice… Continue reading Searching for the Ancestors of ‘Farm House Vintage’


Housekeeping & The Quest for Freedom

Sometimes I feel weighed down by the shackles of stuff. And I like to think we try to live a streamlined life. Our house is around a thousand square feet, and I try to ensure that everything we have, we use. I’ve pared down my collections of milk glass and Blue Willow, even – Marie Kondo’d… Continue reading Housekeeping & The Quest for Freedom