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Overdue Books

I got quite a few review books last fall that I had the intention of reviewing right then and there, but then I got hit by the freight train of life and they languished on the shelf for quite a long time. But now that I’ve got a breather in between school terms, it’s the… Continue reading Overdue Books


The Long Winter & Finding Balance

Time flies… maybe not necessarily when you’re having fun, but when you’ve got your head down in survival mode. The last five months have been hard graft, but I got through it. I took my highest credit load for school yet, all why still trying to work a full time wage job, be an active… Continue reading The Long Winter & Finding Balance


Searching for the Ancestors of ‘Farm House Vintage’

All over internet-land, “farm house vintage” is a hot commodity, predominately of the Joanna Gaines Fixer Upper style imprint. So much so, that emulating the designs on the show has become big business, and the lodestar of home decorators the world over. To be clear, I don’t have any beef with the (presumably) very nice… Continue reading Searching for the Ancestors of ‘Farm House Vintage’


Housekeeping & The Quest for Freedom

Sometimes I feel weighed down by the shackles of stuff. And I like to think we try to live a streamlined life. Our house is around a thousand square feet, and I try to ensure that everything we have, we use. I’ve pared down my collections of milk glass and Blue Willow, even – Marie Kondo’d… Continue reading Housekeeping & The Quest for Freedom


End of Summer Books

I’m finally on summer break from school, so I’m devouring books like they’re going out of style. It’s amazing what it feels like to actually have some bit of free time back – I’d almost forgotten what it feels like. Most days, I spend working full time at the day job, then a bit of… Continue reading End of Summer Books


Happy Little Ribbons

Sigh, a month with no posts. I’ve been exceedingly busy this summer since I took a summer term for school. I had three classes that really kept me hopping – and they’re not even quite over yet. I have two days left to get my final assignments in (a couple of lesson plans) and then… Continue reading Happy Little Ribbons


The Henna Ritual

I woke up this morning – at the tail end of June – with a summer cold. Sneezing, tired and scratchy throat. It’s no surprise since we’ve dealt with weeks on end of damp, rainy weather. So we spent the majority of the day in bed with books and movies, even though it was finally… Continue reading The Henna Ritual