The Luxury of Hot Water

Yes, hot water is a luxury. It’s perfectly possible to get along without hot water on demand, without sacrificing sanitation or comfort. Granted, I’ve only had to do it for a few days, but it is possible. We have an aging water heater, and the lower heating element finally bit the dust. We’re reasonably confident… Continue reading The Luxury of Hot Water


Digital Editing

My quest for connection and meaning continues. I waste so much –¬†so much –¬†online time on meaningless pursuits. When I get onto Facebook or exchange communication (chat, email, etc.) with someone I want it to be engaging, personalized and mutually beneficial. But so often, what little interaction I have is none of those things. I… Continue reading Digital Editing


The End of the Crockpot

I have long loved my crockpot. It’s so versatile – I use it all the time to make home made stock (both chicken and beef, and if you call it “bone broth”, we’re talking about the same thing), one pot dinners like corned beef with cabbage, beef stew, whole ‘roasted’ chickens, and so much more.… Continue reading The End of the Crockpot


Honoring Our Seasons

I spend too much time swirling. To do lists, activities, deadlines – and all this while I try to be judicious in how I allot my time and attention. I suppose this state of affairs is to be expected in some ways – between work, school for both myself and my son, 4H, teaching preserving,… Continue reading Honoring Our Seasons


Reading Review

Winter doesn’t seem to want to loosen it’s grip – as I type it’s snowing, and has been snowing for two days. The one thing cold snowy weather does lend itself too though, is reading. I’ve always got a pile of books at my bedside (let’s be honest – there are piles all around the… Continue reading Reading Review


Oldways – The Art & Craft of the Blacksmith

Ever since I was a kid, I have loved craft. Any kind really – crocheting, knitting, sewing, candlemaking, all manner of food craft – but the completely intriguing crafts are the magical ones. The alchemical crafts that turn a raw, brutish element into something with a functional beauty… those are the crafts of gods. How… Continue reading Oldways – The Art & Craft of the Blacksmith


No Faux Tomatoes!

Since having to give up nightshades, there are two dishes I miss more than anything, which took me years and years to perfect in the earliest years of keeping my own home – bolognese and bacon and whiskey chili. The backbone to each of these recipes is, of course, the tomato. I miss them greatly,… Continue reading No Faux Tomatoes!